The Captivating Beaches of Cebu and their Unparalleled Charms

Take a trip with us to the captivating land of Cebu; a fascinating city in the Philippines which is a treat to be enjoyed. The inherently rich culture, exquisite history, fascinating traditions and amazing tourist attractions have been doing wonders to attract people from all around the globe and make them fall head over heels in love with this place. The flying colors, vibrant ambiance and refreshing air is all too good to be true and provides a perfect place for you to indulge in the goodness of life. To experience all this and much more, we’re offering cheap airline tickets from the UK to the exotic city of Cebu for you and your family or friends to have the time of their lives and live to enjoy every second of it.

What is guaranteed to add that something extra to your vacation and make it absolutely delicious is the number or fantastic beaches that this city is proud to offer. In fact, Cebu is rather popular for providing amazingly thrilling and memorable beach vacations so if that’s what you’re looking for, you have certainly decided upon the right place and we are here to make sure that you get whatever you desire and much more.

Malapascua Beach Cebu

Starting with the marvelous ‘Malapascua Beach’ be prepared to experience heaven. The inviting white sand, the soothing blue waters and the beautiful palm trees come together to create a breathtaking ambiance and a truly jaw dropping site. The soft sand is indeed very inviting for a desirable sun tan where one could just lie down for hours and hours and feel the sun warm you against the soothing breeze that will neutralize its charms. Just lounging around the beach, going in for a dip in the waters or even indulging in some skim boarding will ensure that you have a fantastically fun time as it will soothe away all your worries and give you the rest you have been dreaming of. The sea food and marine life present here is also an additional factor to consider and admire.

Bantayan Beach Cebu

The ‘Bantayan Beach’ is known for its shallow aquamarine waters and charming environment which will make you never wish to leave. Due to its soft sand, the beach is popularly known as ‘sugar beach’ and the different shades of blue that dye the water beckons whoever is gazing into it. Call it a spell casted upon you or a taste of addiction but once you step onto this particular beach, you literally will find it impossible to not look into the waters and be thrilled by it. The calmness of the sea and its shallowness makes it a perfect place for a family vacation where you can happily allow your kids to play around as you enjoy the nature at its purest.

Moalboal Beach Cebu

‘Moalboal Beach’ is yet another spectacular blend of sand with water and leaves the visitors stunned. One could snorkel, dive or skim board here and have a ball of a time whilst doing so. The underwater life here is simply alluring and the best of the best. The vibrant colors, varied species and welcoming sea life is sure to make your snorkeling experience a memorable one and you are guaranteed to have the time of your lives if not more.

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