The Enigmatic Hotspots at Beirut

Beirut offers an eclectic fusion of people, religion and cultures from all around the globe. Given its diverse population mix the city is brimming with a rich cultural heritage and baffling scenic sights which are the epitome of grandeur and elegance. If you have a penchant for scenic luxury, architectural exuberance and other mind boggling sights then heading to the mesmerizing city of Beirut is a highly recommended excursion which you should definitely be willing to hit. Here’s a list of some of the catchiest attractions at Beirut which would help save you considerable time as there are countless excursions which will buoy your spirits, so get your  now.

National Museum Lebanon Insideview

National Museum Trip:

Heading to the fantasizing museum which displays a staggering collection of Lebanon’s rich history and heritage here you would come across interactive exhibits, sculptures and artifacts which are a feast for everyone. Whether or not you have an appreciation for history or not, the museum puts up an impressive collection of historic treasure troves which are worth every minute spend here and provides you with an ultimate soul enlightenment.

Mohammad Al Amin Mosque Beirut Exterior view

Mohammad Al–Amin Mosque:

This superfluous architectural exuberance is the recent addition to the Beirut Skyline just a comfortable hop away from the Martyr’s Square. For those with a flair for architectural grandeur and skyscraping minarets, the Mohammad Al – Amin Mosque provides you with the perfect feast not only for the eyes, but also the soul so book your now.

Raouche Beirut Lebanon


This definitely tops the list of Beirut’s most notable landmark which provides the sightseeing enthusiasts with the most fantasizing background one can imagine. This alluring landmark is a feast for tourists and travelers not only from Lebanon but all across the globe. The landmark is idyllically located towards the Raouche district which is also known as the pigeons Rock.

Here you would be provided with a fantasizing scenic excursion which will definitely provide you with the perfect respite that you have long been yearning for. Whether it’s a hard days work which you seek to shrug off or are simply wish to unwind after a tiring flight, the place provides you with the perfect isolation and seclusion especially for those traveling with their loved ones.

Corniche Beirut Evening view

Corniche Beirut:

Featuring a tantalizing blend of stellar sunset views, scrumptious culinary hedonism collection with a complete range of trendy bars, cafes and nightclubs, this place is the perfect epicenter of the bustle which flows at Beirut. This is undoubtedly one of the finest seaside promenades in the world so get your bargain airfare deals now and latch onto the fun.

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