The Exquisite Parks in the Alluring Island of Borneo

Kinabalu Park Malaysia

The beautiful and the popular island of Borneo is not only the third largest Island in the world but a magnificent part of northern Indonesia which has been attracting tourists from all around the globe ever since its discovery a long time back. From an exquisite dining experience, lush scenic beauty and a refreshing ambiance to resorts and hotels like never seen before and plenty of fun filled activities to get indulged in, we can say one thing for sure; you can simply NOT fall in love with this place and that too hopelessly. That is why we’re proud to offer cheap airline tickets from the UK to the amusing land of Borneo for a trip that will do you wonders.

The Island also takes pride in presenting to you a number of parks, where you can go and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Starting with the famous ‘Kinabalu Park’, you are guaranteed to have a fun filled time. Declared as Malaysia’s first world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2000, this park covers an area of 75,400 hectares and is, surprisingly so, even bigger than Singapore. Now one trip or even two or three won’t give you enough time to explore the entire park but the least you could do is try.

It is bound to be a memorable experience as this park has so much to offer. From over 5000 vascular plant species, 621 fern species, an estimated 1000 orchid species, 90 lowland mammals species and much more, be prepared to have the time of your life in the most spectacular of nature’s blessing. Then there is the thrilling ‘Tawau Hills Park’ which is rather famous for its sparkling river, sprawling grounds and lush green foliage. This is indeed the perfect place to get in touch with nature’s deeper side and provides a very relaxed ambiance to do so.

A visit to this park will leave you stunned, relaxed and rejuvenated and give you that rare feeling of being alive. This park not only provides an excellent picnic spot for families but is also a great place for those who seek adventure and thrill as they could always decide to spend a night camping under the magnificent sky full of stars.

‘The green connection’ is more of a landmark than a park as it seeks to showcase the tantalizing uniqueness of the Island’s aquatic bio-diversity. It also promotes the beautiful sea life and its habitat in addition to spreading awareness regarding the significance of wildlife and nature through fun and interactive activities. Not only is this bound to be a fun experience but also an enriching one especially for the kids who may love to become a part of the exciting activities carried out at the green connection. A series of fresh water aquariums, dense jungles, limestone caves and many other natural wonders will surely keep you entertained.

In order to get a taste of nature at its very best, make a trip to the ‘Rainforest Discovery Centre’; this is literally a gateway to Borneo’s unique and hospitable rain forests. The lush trees, varied landscape, fresh ambiance and soothing environment will make you wish you never had to leave. The plant discovery garden, the exhibition halls and the forest reserves are definitely something to look forward to and something that you will definitely love.

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