The Gorgeous Langkawi, Malaysia


Pulau Langkawi Island

There are so many travel destinations worth visiting in South East Asia that choosing one of them for your vacations is a tricky job indeed. But there are a few that always top the list of the must see places for every tourist, Bali and Phuket being the two of the most famous in this list. But in the recent years the gorgeous islands of Langkawi has also rose to fame partly because of its stunning natural beauty and partly due to the incomparable luxurious resorts on its main island. Located in the Andaman Sea Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands with each one of them having its own flavor and attraction. The palm fringed sandy beaches off these islands and the lush surroundings create such a romantic and a tropical paradise like feel that a tourist that goes there once always dream of returning to it again.

The islands are controlled by Malaysia and you can get a from most of the major regional airports. But if you are arriving from outside the south East Asia then you will first have to get to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia and then get a connecting flight to Langkawi. Pulau Langkawi is the largest of the Langkawi islands and it is this island which has the best hotels and resorts of the area. If you are looking for luxury and a pampering vacation then you will find quite a few five star hotels on the island that provide the world class services but there are plenty of budget accommodation available in the island as well so if you are trying to save some of your hard earned cash then you can always lodge there.

The main attraction of the island is its beach which is bone white and sandy and you will find enough deserted places along its length to either relax in solitude or to get a full body tan. The resorts of the island provide the services like a yacht to take you to the sea of Langkawi or to the smaller islands in the archipelago if you are in a mood to spend a little more. The waters along the island are warm and clear, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving for which you can get the equipment from the resort you are staying in. Scuba diving is particularly popular on the northern side of the island which has quite a few reefs and is also rich in marine life.

To get the best view of the island take the low cable car that will take you to the top of Guong Mat Chinchang the highest mountain of the island from where you can get the bird eye view of the whole island. If you are interested in trekking then there are a number of tracks in the area of the mountain which can provide you with an awesome trekking experience. The small village of Hangat is famous with tourists who are interested in getting a taste of the local culture as a cultural show is arranged there every evening which include the folk dances and other performances.


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