The Great Wall of China

What comes to one’s mind when thinking about the China. Other than the low priced electronics it provides to us all, it is of course the famous Great Wall of China. Built in the 3rd century to protect china from the Mongol hordes it is the largest man made structure and no matter what you think it’ll be like the Great Wall will still blow you away. And you are not alone, the might and magnificence of this ancient architectural masterpiece makes most of people gasp.

The airport closest to the Great Wall of China is Beijing; Direct flights to Beijing are available from most of the major airports worldwide. If you are flying from Europe then you can take a direct flight to Beijing with British Airways, KLM, Air France and Iberia. The Chinese Airlines like Air China, China Southern and China Airline fly frequent direct flights from most of the airports of the world. From America you can fly with Delta Air or United Airlines, while Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airline offer flights to Beijing from different Asian destinations.

Beautiful View of Great Wall of ChinaYou can book your self a guided tour to the great wall on the airport, through your hotel in Beijing or online through many tour operators of the city. The approximately 6700 Kilometers long wall with an average height of 10 feet winds up and down through mountains, plateaus and deserts through the northern China. Looking like a long dragon it seems gigantic even from a distance of many miles.

The part of the wall most famous with the visitors is the Badaling, renovated recently; it is carefully reconstructed according to the ancient architecture of the wall. A cable car is available here to provide you a bird eye view of the wall which is surely worth of a tour. The souvenir shops in Badaling are a good place to get some thing to take back home, but be sure that you don’t get ripped off, it’s a good idea to shop around before buying some thing from these shops. But if you want to observe the ancient wall without its recent commercial aspect then head to Jinshaling, the wall here is not complete but it is as it was when it was built.

You can also decide to take the tour of the Ming Tombs, the tombs of the 13 kings of Ming dynasty. It is another master piece of Chinese art and will provide you with an opportunity of taking some great pictures for your album. So if you are planning a vacation in China keep in mind that no vacation in China can be completed without a visit to the Great Wall.

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