The Inspiring Happy Valley Amusement and Theme Park, Beijing

Happy Valley Amusement and Theme Park, Beijing

Catch a  the astounding city of China where you can exceedingly excite yourself in the pulsating activities and enchantments of the impeccable entertainment centre’s which are rated amongst the best tourist attractions across the globe for both leisure and business travelers. The kids can also make the most out of their vacations as in Beijing there are a numerous vibrant hubs and districts that include remarkable fascinations and enticers for the tourists and travelers.

Rated number 17 out of 982 tourist attractions in Beijing, The alluring Happy Valley Amusement park is situated in the delighting Chaoyang district and south east corner of Sifang Bridge of the beguiling city of Beijing. The classy Happy Valley amusement park was made in the year 2006 which covers a total area of 560,000 square meters and has become the centre of attraction for many tourists and travelers both national and international.

The impressive Happy Valley theme park includes a total of six majestic theme parks named Atlantis, Firth Forest, Aegean Harbor, Ant Kingdom, Lost Maya and Shangri La. All of the six theme parks are exquisite and unique in their own way as they have special features which makes them different and invigorating from the rest but as a whole this astounding selection of theme parks prove to be exotic and of utmost serenity for the travelers and tourists as you would find peace and tranquil in the natural scenic views the parks are composed of and an add on of enthralling activities would make you keep on coming back for more.

The tantalizing theme parks put on display an abundant variety of different yet wondrous cultures and civilizations which have been in reform since the evolution of mankind giving you a not to miss chance to stimulate and revive from the sight of the ecological and cultural display at the theme parks. The strike of nature and glamour of the Happy valley is the sightseeing of tree houses, lakes, bridges, docks, ancient towers and forests which are to be found in the entire premises of the ecological forest in the Happy Valley.

The Crystal City is also one of the mesmerizing icons of the Happy Valley as here you would see and come across many traditional and historic Greek myths in Aegean Sea, fascinate yourself in the inspirational Maya and their scattered huge stone pillars. Apart from sight seeing there are numerous Leisure activities put on display in the theme parks which includes the Pop Music Festival which is inclusive of tantalizing rhythms and classic dances.

The most terrific of them all is the Maximal Exercise Festival where you can be thrilled in taking parts in the exotic and thriving outdoor sports which includes skate boarding and bicycle riding. Chinese Spring Festival, Water Splashing Festival and International Magic Day are also an enticing experience at the marvelous Happy Valley amusement and theme parks.

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