The Inspiring Sivatel Hotel, Bangkok

Sivatel Hotel Bangkok Facade

Splendid sanctuary set amidst the exceedingly vibrant and appealing business, financial and entertainment hub of the invigorating city, featuring astounding services and fascinating facilities in its posh lodging, sumptuous dining and enchanting activities, is the imperial symbol of luxury and ostentatious glamour that can be found in the city of Bangkok, The inspiring Sivatel Hotel. Book now.

The hotel is designed with optimal features that can be seen in its passionate architecture and state of the art building design sparkling with the elation of elite western and flashy arty touch of Bangkok’s tradition of hospitality, making it a unique yet a flashy abode for the esteemed travelers and valued guests lodging at the icon of pleasure. The hotel features exotic themes, lavished décor, impressive decoration and beguiling furnishing in its up to the minute interiors which are constructed of top of the class marble constituent which can be found on its flooring and tiling.

You can find amazing wooden work in the persuasive lobbies, lush lounges and enthralling check inn areas which envelop glitzy seating areas encompassing contented couches, pliable sofas and fluffy soft seating with a view of the LCD flat screen where you can sight exciting programs and satellite channels whilst relishing on the exhilarating beverages and fantasizing drinks which can be ordered from the internal café of the gaudy hotel.

The hotel comprises of fully operational business halls, conference rooms and meeting avenues equipped with the luxuries of business accessories and facilities so the guests can expediently use and facilitate them selves from the absorbing services and alluring amenities during their meetings, presentations and conferences, so catch a cheap flight to the striking city of Bangkok and revive from the absolute exultation of life style the hotel features in its on site activities, luscious dining and elite lodging.

The exciting wellness centre and Spa of the hotel is the most revitalizing spot of the hotel where the guests can put themselves at ease and instantly unwind from the horrors of their routine life and give themselves in the hands of the professionals available at the centre. You would be given a quick tutorial on different styles of massages and massaging techniques the professionals specialize in which includes the Chinese, Japanese and delighting Thai massage which can be delivered with or without your preference of exotic essence and relaxing herbal oil which is available at the Spa.

You can now chill and relax in the superlative saunas, oasis and Jacuzzis set up in the Spa for your stimulation and make the most out of the time you spend in the centre. Get benefit from different yet extravagant therapies and treatments offered at the wellness centre where you can demand from the professionals to deliver the beauty, nail and body therapies and therapeutic treatment which would prove to be splendid for your skin and body nourishment. The hotel consists of lush lodging facilities and striking services in their astounding suites and guest rooms.

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