The Magnanimous Lavishness of the Singapore Flyer

Singapore offers endless charms to each one of the distinguished guest who visits it. Whether you happen to be here in Singapore for business or pleasure, educational trip or simply a family oriented vacation, the chances are that there is some secret treasure trove with endless exciting options which await to be discovered. With exhilarating rides in one of the bustling parks, to scenic landmarks and theme parks to some of the finest shopping avenues one can possibly imagine, Singapore is the epitome of luxury and sheer exuberance.

Singapore will sweep you off your feet with its enticing amenities and opulent attractions which are bound to make you come back for more every time you visit. Whether its honeymoon you seek to enjoy or some special family re-bonding time which you have long been looking forward to, the chances are that at Singapore you will surely have a delightful time, so book your cheap flights to Singapore now and latch onto this once in a lifetime opportunity now.

Singapore Flyer

For those thrill seeking individuals who love to embark onto some crazy action and aren’t afraid of heights then heading to the world’s largest observation wheel might just be a great fun-filled excursion. Moving at about 0.21 meters per second the wheel surpasses even the London Eye experience offering you some awe inspiring panoramic views of the entire city which are definitely worth capturing in your camera lens.

The scenic view is radically different from the day and night time experience so it makes it very hard to choose between the day and night time rides. Whilst on the top you get some stellar views of the Pagang, Empress Palace, Raffles Palace and the most famous Singapore River. This is not all! Here’s the good news for the shopaholics who love to splash money around.

From expensive novelty items like expensive perfumes, designer clothing, shoes, watches and majestic jewellery designs to the local souvenirs and relatively cheaper merchandise here there are ample shopping options where you can fulfill all your shopping desires. From Louis Vuitton to Prada to Versace, the shopping malls behold everything you may fancy. Here you can shop for hours and hours without realizing. The malls are powered with state of the art amenities and cutting edge facilities making it all the more fun to spend some time here.

Also in the proximity are the perfect venues for snack attacks where there are some multinational food chain stores and other chic restaurants offering some luscious dining attractions. The chefs and cookery specialists are some of the best in town. Also available here are some holistic massage experiences where you might simply be hooked. Definitely try the Dr. Fish Spa and the foot reflexology which is completely heavenly.

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