The Plush Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok has topped the charts of various Business and Travel Magazines of 2009, 2010 and 2011 for its insightful historical landmarks, monuments, baffling shopping options and other marvelous sightseeing excursions it slaps its guests with. For those with a flair for historical places, digging up the rich cultural heritage and rejuvenating your mind and soul in some of the most stellar sights you would ever come across then Bangkok is your ultimate headway.

Bangkok is ideally suited for business and leisure travelers alike and it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with your family, your girlfriend or your friends, Bangkok will simply leave you blown from your feet so get your now. The best part about visiting Bangkok is that each of the places you get to visit here has an equally interesting story to tell.

Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

Visiting the Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw

The astounding architectural grandeur and the picturesque finesse will leave you immediately overwhelmed as soon as you make your entry here. The epic intricate designs of the grand structure of the palace, the Royal Court will send shivers up your spine making you want to spend some time here. For all those also searching to incorporate some holistic element in their daily lives then heading to the Wat Prakeaw might be the perfect proposition where you would be left simply agape by viewing the meticulously carved Emerald of Buddha.

Chinatown Bangkok Nightview

Chinatown (Yaowarat) Excursion

For all those who have the tolerance for crowds then heading to this clamorous labyrinth sprawling with exotic colors, exotic aromas of fresh roadside foods and featuring the finest collection of gold is simply mind boggling. Make sure that you plan your trip to this place during the Chinese New Year and the Vegetarian Festival where you would get the perfect opportunity with likeminded people not only from Bangkok but all around the globe. If you’re heading to this place with the ladies then make sure that you have enough dough in your pocket or you might be in trouble so book your now.

Chao Phraya River Bangkok Thailand

Chao Phraya River and Waterways Visit

If you have an eye for indulging in one of the mesmerizing sights of Bangkok then heading to this fabled Bangkok attraction definitely merits a visit. The riverside features an eclectic fusion of delightful constants where it might just be difficult for you to decide the best time to visit this place as the day and night each has its own charm.

The baffling scenic backdrop marked with glitzy luxury hotels, water-taxis and other goods barging upstream are simply indulging. If you are on a grand romantic getaway with that special someone or are seeking some privacy and scenic luxury then heading to his place is a highly recommended excursion so get your bargain air deals now.

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