The Pristine Beaches of Goa, India

Palm fringed sandy beaches, sparkling water and friendly locals, what else can one wish for a relaxing vacation. These are the attraction of the tiny but gorgeous piece of land in India, the Goa, formerly a Portuguese colony; it forms the western coastline of the country with the Arabian Sea. More than 2 million tourists flock the Goa beaches each year and its popularity is increasing with each day with more and more resorts and hotels opening in the state. Not only has the natural beauty of the place but also the colonial era architecture of the Goa become an attraction for the tourist, finding the Mediterranean styled city on the shores of Arabian sea is surely fascinating.

Goa is different than the rest of the country; you will not find the daily hassle of an Indian town here instead the Goans take a laid back approach to the life. You can take a morning walk on a deserted pristine beach or eat your lunch at a lily covered lake, take a nap under a palm tree or have a dinner at a boat, in short everything in Goa is custom made for a relaxing vacation. You can take direct flight to Goa on a chartered plane as there are no airlines that fly scheduled flights there or you can take a cheap flight to Mumbai and then make the rest of the journey through train or the local bus service. But beware that in principle it is illegal to get in to India on a chartered flight and head out on a scheduled one, but mostly this law is not applied that strictly but it’s always good to be cautious about it.

As it is the premier holiday spot in India so there are a lot of accommodation facilities in the area that caters to all kind of tourists ranging from five star resorts to cheap hotels, choose one according to your budget. The old Goa with its Portuguese architecture is a place well worth visiting, with the some of Asia’s largest cathedrals and churches and the restaurants that serve a unique mixture of Indian and Portuguese cuisines. Of course the first place that you have thought of when planning a vacation in Goa was Anjuna with its famous Wednesday flea market, once the paradise for the hippies its still a dreamland for backpackers around the world. With the most developed infrastructure of all the beaches of Goa, Anjuna is surely a place that we will recommend for spending a few days on.

If you want to stick to Goa and still want to get a glimpse of the rest of India, then head to Mapusa; a small but thriving town in the north. This is a town with bustling city life; the things get real messy especially on the Friday when the weekly Friday market is set up. Try to buy yourself some souvenirs for taking back home but avoid getting ripped off, try to ask from different sellers and then compare the price before paying for anything.

The vacation in Goa is always a memorable event and you will surely not forget it for a long time.

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