The Striking Charms of Chinatown, Yangon

Chinatown Yangon Restaurants

Rangoon is another word used for the brilliant city of Yangon which is also the former capital of Burma. With wide spreading colonial charm including alluring wide tree lined avenues, amazingly unique architecture, tranquil lakes and an overall serene ambiance and plenty of exotic arts and crafts to choose from, your vacation here is bound to be simply great and as a treat for you, we’re offering cheap tickets to Yangon from the UK for a trip that you are likely to never forget.

One thing you can’t afford to miss out on whilst visiting Yangon is the fabulous and the enchanting ‘Chinatown’. Watch as the Chinese history, culture, tradition and skill comes to life in the very streets of the charming Chinatown, also known as ‘Tayote Tan’. This is basically in the downtown of the city and was created in the 1850s when the British expanded the city. Around this area and of course within it, you will find Chinese residences, offices, shops, temples, clan associations and much more that will surely fascinate you.

Although much different from your typical Chinatown, this area still boasts off Chinese characters on signboards and there is an abundance of the color red. Not only is this place essential to visit to live through China’s history and development but is also a great place to shop at. There are huge business setups of restaurants, offering authentic Chinese food prepared with fresh ingredients, gold shops and many DVD and movie shops. Other than this, what never fails to catch the eyes of anyone are the amazing Chinese food stalls. These stalls will literally be like a cherry on top of your delicious desert as they offer quick cheap food such as dumplings and Chinese Pastries that taste absolutely fantastic.

Another thing to see in this area are the plenty of temples that have been built by the Chinese population. The ‘Cantonese Guan Yin Temple’ and the ‘keng hock keong’ are two of the main and dominating temples which are also host to many festivals and cultural events that are held throughout the year and if you’re lucky, there might be something like this going on whilst you’re visiting the amazing city of Yangon.

With fun festivals, a rich culture that is apparent from the many stalls and the alluring ambiance, finger licking food at cheap prices, a combination of culture and modern facilities and a sneak peak into what China is primarily about, who would want to miss out on this golden opportunity to visit this sensational place?

The experience is bound to be breathtaking because you will get to experience the best of both worlds i.e. the brilliance of China in the completely distinct city of Yangon. Shopping is of course a major attraction when it comes to choosing a vocational destination and this combines that with an alluring cultural experience too.

The Chinatown offers something exciting and brilliant for just about everyone and that is why it is popular amongst families and even groups of friends, so make up your mind to visit this exceptional destination and we will take care of the rest for you.

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