The Towering Elegance of Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Marked with some fine infrastructure development, huge and classy shopping malls, up-scale buildings which are headquarters to numerous multinational companies, foreign banks and other great scenic attractions which Kuala Lumpur is naturally bestowed with marks the order of the day over here. Whether its business or pleasure which you seek, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a benchmark for many A-listed and well heeled tourists from all around the globe.

The breathtaking vistas of Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara KL dwarf the enthralling metropolis with its dizzying height offering a unique experience for the tourists and travelers, so book your cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur now. Just like a visit to Paris would be incomplete and pointless if you haven’t been to the iconic Eifel Tower in the same way a visit to the behemoth structures of the Petronas Towers would be a sheer disappointment.

The Towers are one of the most significant landmarks in Kuala Lumpur anchoring the sprawling Kuala Lumpur City Center and are hailed as the Twin Jewel of Kuala Lumpur. The steel chromed towers are the headquarters of Malaysia’s Oil and Gas giant and features some 88 floors. The Petronas Towers are also home to numerous other corporations and multinational companies and considered by many globetrotting business executives as the business hotspot.

For the shopaholics here you can fulfill all your shopping sprees by visiting the base of the towers which has a wonderful shopping facility in place which is marked with state of the art facilities and innumerable shopping options for the tourists. Visit the Suria KLCC which is extremely popular with the tourists. The second tower is taken by the corporate giants such as IBM, Al-Jazeera, Barclays PLC, Bloomberg, Boeing, McKinsey & Co and others.

Alongside the Petronas Towers is a wonderful park where you can head to with the entire family. Here you are provided with the perfect respite and placate you have long been yearning for from Jogging tracks, walking paths and the dazzling fountain and a wading pool for children. There’s also an Art Gallery in place alongside the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Kuala Lumpur at first gives you the impression of being a clamorous labyrinth marked with cuisines, bars and restaurants which offer a variety of options for the food lovers. Here you can have all types of luscious dining options there are from Chinese, Italian, European, Asian and other intercontinental specialties.

For those still not satisfied with the shopping experience and wish to dig up more into it should head to the Central Market China Town which reminisces the Soho Flea Market offering you an array of browsing options which includes amongst other things clothing, shoes, merchandise and other quality local produce. The most famous retail traditional goods are souvenirs, sculptures, embroidery carvings and others which are a treat for everyone.

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