The Very best of Manila Phillipines

The thickly occupied capital of Philippines with its charming opening to the Manila Bay is a city with an important historical background. At present, it has a mix of all types of structural design and is fast rising into a modern metropolis and draws throngs of people from all over the globe. It is the reason why, Manila remains on top of lists when it comes to offering holiday’s packages and cheap flights to Manila.

The city of Manila is frequently unnoticed as nothing more than a meager gateway to the well vacationed Philippine Islands. If you’re heading to the Philippines for some fun in the sun, you might want to stop along the way and find out what Manila has to offer you and your family. By the way, you might want to assemble your schedule so that you reach your destination there sometime between the months of February and April. That way, you can avoid the soaking rainy season.

Rizal Park

The cool breeze that blows in from the Bay of Manila adds to the serenity of Rizal Park, which is another must-see while one is in Manila. The park is residence to the country’s most visited attraction, the bronze and granite tombstone built in commemoration of Jose Rizal a Filipino reformist who spearheaded national movements during the period of Spanish rule. This is situated at the north end of the Roxas Boulevard, the major roadway of Manila.

Roxas Boulevard

The Roxas Boulevard is famous for its yacht clubs and fine dining along the shores of the bay. The Manila Bay walk, beside the avenue is the perfect spot to watch the shadowy sunsets between the tall coconut trees. The orange and purple hues rising above the harbor of Manila will keep anyone spellbound.

Corregidor Island

Located at the access to the bay itself is the Corregidor Island, which was the naval base during times of war. More than a few battles were fought on the island itself and their shell are protected by establishment. It is possible to take a day tour to the island and examine the ‘Pacific War Memorial’ and other war exhibits.

Manila Cathedral

The delightful cathedrals and churches form a significant part of Manila city. In the middle of them the Quiapo Church and the Manila Cathedral are the most well known? The Quiapo Church is extremely respected because of the Black Nazarene statue of Jesus Christ which resides within the church and is believed to hold miraculous powers. The Manila Cathedral is located within the premises of the Intramuros.


To see all this and more, one needs to spend a few days in a hotel in Manila. The business travelers and holiday makers will truly enjoy the lavishness lodging Manila has to offer. The Traders Hotel Manila will grant you the chance to explore all of this and indulge yourself to the hilt.

Beaches in Manila

Beaches in Manila, offer extravagant yet affordable luxury for all. Altogether, a beach holiday in Manila can be way cheaper than a same sort of holiday in any other part of the world. Specially, cheap flights to Manila are more frequently available throughout the year than the counterparts.

Puerto Azul, Cavite

Puerto Azul is a traveler beach spot in Ternate, Cavite. The Puerto Azul Beach Resort in Barangay Sapang is in the middle of beaches nearest Manila. It also has a extensive 9-hole golf course and is just about 90 minutes away from Manila by car travel. At this place tourist are also treated to flowery bushes, dreamy hills, sandy beachfronts, and of course, lots of fresh seafood. Being neighboring to Manila, beach resort and hotel facilities in the area are mostly updated with modernity and transportation and communication facilities willingly available.

Marbella Marina, Cavite

This seashore option is situated in Ternate, Cavite, about 2 hours or less from Manila. This resort has fashionable rooms stylishly furnished and affords different water behavior like aqua sports, snorkeling, and other beach games. Though well maintained, this is among public beaches nearest Manila. It is ideal for bathers and vacationer looking for a real good time outside Manila yet not so distant from it.

Caylabne Bay, Cavite

Caylabne Bay Resort in Ternate, Cavite is in the middle of aristocratic and classy beaches nearest Manila. This beachfront affords a Spanish-Mediterranean atmosphere and a seeming far-flung hideaway from Manila, though the place is really easy to in. The verdant forested environs give one a feeling of being private in a paradise island.

Beach games and water sports are also possible here and vacationers are given a luring alternative of staying in this resort for a few days

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