The Vibrantly Vivid Hong Kong

The bustling metropolis alive in the extravagance of the flashing neon lights is a fusion of ancient Chinese traditions and contemporary British lifestyle; the Chinese traditions inculcated because of the inheritance and the British lifestyle coming in from the influence of the British when once they ruled the vibrant city. Hong Kong is a feast for eyes and people from around the world come to witness this visual delight.

The animatedly colorful place is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet as it provides unlimited shopping options and there are numerous attractions that can easily keep one hooked till the end of their trip or maybe even beyond. The city is popularly known for its extensive skyline, which you can view from Victoria Peak, and a deep natural harbor of its own. It a place for adventure lovers with Disney Land and Ocean Park, for discoverers with lofty mountains and secluded beaches and for businessmen with a flourishing trade industry. Hong Kong has something for everyone.

The traditional temples add as ornaments to the city. People not only visit them to worship but foreigners love to get themselves photographed in front of the gaudy shrines. The Che Kung Temple is one of such temples and is more like a Japanese place of worship than a Chinese one. It is one of the prominent attractions of Hong Kong and was built about 300 years ago though now it is housed in a newly renovated building serving the tourist industry.

Hong Kong has an interestingly superstitious nation who still believes in ba gua mirrors used to deflect evil and surprisingly they haven’t got any floor in the building with a number 4 in it as this number resembles the word ‘die’ in Cantonese, a Chinese language. However, this does not make the death rate in Hong Kong any lower.

They call it one of the most engaging cities in the world and accordingly, Hong Kong hasn’t let its visitors down in any way. If you wish to explore the world and visit the most exotic destinations in your life, then Hong Kong is just not to be missed on. The city has a flavor of its own and has enough magnetism to pull thousands of people from around the globe. So why not spend the next holiday in the vivaciously flamboyant city as you grab your flights to Hong Kong and get a lifetime memorable experience.

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