The Vivacious Volcano Of Taal

Taal Volcano, the world’s smallest active volcano is a compound volcano situated on Luzon Island lying near the centre of Lake Taal and is about 50 kilometres in the south of Manila (Philippines). Taal Lake and Volcano displays one of the most attractive and picturesque views, it is considered to be significant tourist resort. For a thrilling and exciting trip to this place catch cheap flights to Manila. For reaching the Lake you have to take a boat trip.

There are four craters within the Island, the Dormant Volcano is located on the edge and the main Volcano is situated in the centre of the Island. The third and fourth were created during the eruption of 1965 are called as ‘Twin Craters’. But what makes this Volcano attractive is that, right in the centre of its main crater grabs a sulphuric lake called as ‘Crater lake’. Number of activities that can be enjoyed on the Island are Camping, Trekking, Sight-Seeing , Fishing , Bird-watching , RC plane flying, , Kite flying , Photography , boating, Family picnic outings ,Company outings, Cultural shows, Seminars team building and going to the crater with the help of horse riding. The resort is a hometown of many species of fish and birds. Maliputo which is a fresh water mackerel is found in this Volcano Island’s water. One of the major allurements for the tourists is the city of Tagaytay located near the Taal volcano.


One of the most popular destination in Manila which provides a great view of Taal Volcano. Because of its cool climate, tourists love to visit it in summers. The place is jumbled with cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfast and inns. One place that is frequently visited by people is Tagaytay Highlands which is further divided into particular clubs which are:

Highlands Country Club:

It provide its members with comfort and luxury in terms of aerobics centre, badminton court, games, gym, go-cart racing, squash courts, horseback riding, steam saunas, Jacuzzis, a skating rink ,hiking trail, children’s playground, a tree houseman cinema and much more.

The International Golf Club:

It allows its members to use all the privileges and facilities of country club including an 18-hole golf course, a cable car system, continental cuisine served in special restaurants, antiques shop and many other interesting things.

The climate of Manila is humid and hot around the year and turns to be cold from November to February. The rainy season lasts from June till October so it is the best time of the year to plan your holidays for this astonishing resort.

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