Three New World Heritage Sites in Asia

UNESCO has been protecting the global heritage under its world heritage program for more than fifty years and its efforts have been instrumental in preserving a lot of cultural and natural sites for the coming generations. It has also helped in making a few of lesser known sites to become prominent on the global stage and has provided the tourist with quite an informative list of the sites that are worth watching in a country. This year after a long deliberation that lasted for more than a week, UNESCO has proclaimed 21 new places as a part of the World Heritage Sites and 7 of them are in Asia, we have provided a brief introduction to each of these sites and we hope it will be helpful during your next tour to Asia.

Jantar Mantar Jaipur India

Jantar Mantar, Jaipur India: This 19th century astronomical site has always been a tourist attraction in the historical Indian city of Jaipur. The place has 20 stationary measurement instruments that were used to find and predict the location of different stars and planets. This site was also used to predict the lunar and solar eclipse, and thus regarded as a magical place by the locals. The grandeur of the site and the complexity of the instruments is what makes the place so special and that too built in the 19th century. The site is close to the city center and you can easily access it by a 30 minutes drive from your hotel after taking a cheap flight to Jaipur.

Tabriz Bazaar Tabriz Iran

Tabriz Bazaar, Tabriz Iran: Tabriz is one of the oldest cities of the world and one that sits on the crossroads of great civilizations of the past. In the ancient times it was a prosperous city state because of its location on the famous Silk Road. It has always been an important trading place but its main bazaar that was built around 13th century is one of the world’s oldest markets and will still provide you with the feel of a medieval era bazaar. The city of Tabriz is located in the northern Iran and if you are flying from outside of the country then the best option will be to take a and then make the rest of the journey by train.

Hahoe and Yangdong Folk Village South Korea

Hahoe and Yandonge Folk Villages: South Korea may be one of the most developed nations in Asia but it is also one with a rich history. There was a time in Korea when the lifestyle of a person depended on which clan he was born in and each clan had its own village, folk dance and traditions.

Today when the trend of urbanization is sweeping through the country there are still a few villages that has kept the old traditions alive, Hahoe and Yandonge are two of such type where the whole clan still live together and preserve their culture, history and folk dances. For getting to these villages, take a cheap flight to Seoul and make the rest of the journey by the local train service.

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