Ubud – The Land of Sedateness and Serenity

Arma Museum and Resort Bali

A remarkable place that is the focal point of Balinese traditions, ancient palaces, historical temples, fantastic museums and aesthetic art galleries is none other than the bewitching Ubud town located in the Bali island of Indonesia in the middle of cialis online pharmacy rice farms and lofty abyss of Gianyar regency foothills. Various renowned artists like Frida Holleman, Antonio Blanco, Rudolf Bonnet, Auke Sonnega, Walter Spies, Han Snel and Flip Hamers are amongst those who have lived here and have created multifarious masterpieces that you can eagle-eye by taking Bali flights. These admirable galleries and museums are located on Jalan Hanoman, Raya Ubud, and Campuhan and Jalan Pengosekan areas. Besides there are lush and blooming padded rice fields and antediluvian palaces and shrines encircled by 14 adjoining villages that will truly leave you in awe.

One of the most attractive one is Arma Museum( The Arma Museum or Agung Rai Museum of Art is a complex that houses various restaurants, serene resorts, artwork classes, open art theatre and museum. It is an established museum for displaying artworks of Indonesian and Balinese craftsperson, outlander artisans and collections of Walter Spies, Mr and Mrs. Agung Rai, Rudolf Bonnet, Willem Gerald Hofker, Mayeur de Merpres, Willem Dooijwaard and Raden Saleh Syarif Bustman). The travellers would also love to head towards the Bali Bird & Reptile Park( An excellent and ideal location to spend quality family time.

Bali Bird and Reptile Park

Bali Bird and Reptile Park is situated in Batubulan that covers an area of 2 hectares consisting of lush and heavenly botanical gardens. Gad about the park’s limits to experience the carbon-copy of characteristic eco-system of Papuan and Balinese rainforests and you will be mesmerized to view some 250 breeds of exotic and enticing birds, brought here from various parts of the world. The park also show-cases approximately 200 floras refreshing plants and 50 distinctive collections of palms).

Also don’t miss the opportunity to hit the magical site of Botanic Garden Ubud( Feel the tranquillity and ataraxia at the exquisite Botanic Gardens, spreaded over a land of 5 hectares elevated at a height of almost 400 metres from the sea level and accentuates groves, ravines, waterfalls, river, meadows and some natural forest arrangement. You will be lead to an excursion of uncovering the magical Islamic garden, orchid houses Fern garden, Herbal Plants garden, Chocolate Grove, a Rafflesia and titan and the first ever maze of Bali) and Batuan Village( If you have desired to see the ancient form of Bali, you must visit this village which is located some 10 kilometres in the southern part of Ubud.

Botanic Garden Ubud Bali

It possesses rich Balinese cultural compounds with an inspiring ambience and you will be amazed to meet the residents who ardently embody the customs and traditions followed by all the aspects of their lives. Batuan means ‘tough as stone’ or ‘eating rocks’ but actually it originates from the mega-lapidarian culture where the up righted stones act as the ceremonial spots and meeting sites to worship congenital spirits.

Be sure to include it in your list of must-see places). Apart from all such astounding and bewildering amusements, there are much more surprises for you that will be unveiled once you will visit Bali. So this time make this wizardly resort, as your holiday-destination.

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