Unwind Yourself at Sun Island, Flower of The Indies

A speculate world draped in vivacious hue of the sun and sea, Maldives will surely entice you with its travel tourist, monumental, folk and cultural splendor. A string of low lying striking coral islands situated in the Indian Ocean can better describe Maldives. This destination is a complete paradise for those who love indulging in the sun as well as the enthusiasts for water sports.  Washed by mild sea breezes, the Maldives is widely renowned for astounding beaches and un-spoilt, idyllic tropical islands. Tourists from around the world book cheap flights to Maldives, Sri Lanka and lose themselves in its tantalizing allure.

The very first thing that strikes your head when talking about Maldives is the undoubtedly gorgeous beaches. Blessed with beaches that are rich in tropical fruits and coconuts, Maldives is situated towards Sri Lanka’s southern side, on the equator. Owing to the islands and its beaches, the country is regarded as one of the world’s hottest destination for tourists.

Among all the Maldives’s islands, the most eye-catching one has to be Nalaguraidhoo located in the South Ari Atoll. This attraction makes the perfect backdrop for memories being captured in the camera. Cool waves will pamper you as you stroll along the shores. Bordering the beach, the soft sand provides the ideal surface to bask on. The serenity of the beach situated here will make you fall in love with it. Unwind on the extended crescent of powder-white, soft sand that shelf smoothly into a stunning turquoise lagoon. Encircling the little palm-fringed Nalaguraidhoo or Sun Island, this is is one of the Maldives’ best beaches locally known as the ‘Flower of the Indies’.

Nalaguraidhoo Island Maldives

Flittering above the coral, one can dive in the middle of vibrant reef fish or swim to the close by reef to engage in snorkeling. Tourists can also go for windsurfing the lagoon or kayaking, admire a miraculous sunset that overlooks the Indian Ocean while taking a sip of that perfect blend of the cocktail. Close the day by savoring a romantic dinner at your bungalow or simply at the beach. A fishing trip accompanied by a post-sundown sight followed by a delicious barbecue of your very own catch on the beach.

Form the moment tourists set foot on Sun Island, it is a much common sight witnessed daily whereby the overseas travelers are left speechless. This destination is truly awe-inspiring that leaves its visitor’s mouth opened. The lucid waters ensure a peek at the exotic and diverse fauna flora beneath the water. There is no question then as to why this beach is a huge hit among visitors. In addition, the wide range of fish species here is vibrantly colored.

The Nalaguraidhoo Island provides you with an opportunity to savor the nature and the beauty and invigorate yourself. The whole atmosphere can be characterized as being very peaceful and tranquil. You can stay at any of the resort islands and enjoy the charm of beaches. For people who are look for some adventure, there is water sports such as parasailing, snorkeling, diving and windsurfing to engage in. Break away from your usual, repetitive robotic life and soak up some sun at this mesmerizing island. A trip to Sun land might just be the one to change your perspective about the word ‘fun’.

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