What you have been Waiting For – The Amanpulo

Amanpulo Pool at night Philippines

The best thing about the Amanpulo is that it is set on a very own private island and can be approached by a private charter flight making it the ultimate and most exclusive of retreats. The hotel is elegant and has been decorated in a pattern of classic luxury with nature as the prime attraction and the activities also adding to the feature. The Pamalican Island in the Philippines is famous for the beautiful beaches and the corals that are a delight to watch and the waters also providing an opportunity to enjoy the best of water sports in short giving you a dream holiday that you wish to enjoy.

The hotel is perfect for those who seek privacy, elegant comfort and exclusivity in activities, accommodation and also sport enthusiasts alike. Come and experience the islands like you have never done before. Enjoy diving, watersports, views from the tree tops, the sandy beaches and much more. Here there are BBQs and cocktails and wonderful sunsets that await you. Come and let your dreams spring to life. Enjoy a bit of taste of Manila. Regular cheap flights are available around the year to the Philippines so travelers can choose and select according to what best suites them and have a perfect plan and start to their holiday.

The accommodation at the resort is wonderful and spacious with a lot of attention being placed on the maximizing of space and facilities. There is a king sized bed and a separate bath which is tiled and also wonderful floor to ceiling windows that help you take in the views and enjoy them. All the rooms have been individually decorated and feature large spaces and amenities like satellite connection TVs, internet connections, stocked mini bars and a room service as well.

The most notable feature about the Amanpulo is the peace that you can enjoy and experience here. There are just miles of silent beaches and pristine reef all that you can enjoy and experience to the fullest degree. There is also an outdoor pool which is located next to the bougainvillea trellises making the scenery ever more beautiful. The sport enthusiasts can enjoy tennis with clay courts outside which are floodlit and are next to the clubhouse. There is also boating, biking, fishing, sailing and other water sports including scuba diving which is recommended for you. Guests can also enjoy windsurfing at the blue lagoon which is a world class spot from December to April.

Dining at the hotel and resort is also a marvelous experience with a number of cuisines available for you ranging from Chinese, Continental and BBQ which you can enjoy along the beachhead as you watch the waves around. The food is sumptuous and the chefs take great pride in sourcing the best ingredients for the guests to enjoy. We believe that food is an essential component of a great holiday and without it a holiday is not complete. So to make this marvelous experience a reality, we really give food the priority it deserves.

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