World’s Tallest Twin Building – The Petronas Towers

Skyscrapers are the most amazing masterpieces ever created by man. Their heights and architecture are always spell-bounding. The Petronas Towers are amongst them which are the ornament of Kuala Lumpur and undoubtedly an honour for Malaysia. So get your bags and camera’s ready and take cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).Airport Cab and the express train are the most quickest and appropriate means of transport to reach the towers.

The building was designed by Cesar Pelli and was completed in the year 1998 after the continuous struggle of whole 7 years. It remained the tallest building of the world for 6 consecutive years until Taiwan built its Taipei in 2004. It is 1483 feet high with 4,252,000 sq ft floor area, 78 elevators and 88 floors constructed with steel, concrete and glass.

The architect quoted about the building:

“According to Lao Tse, the reality of a hollow object is in the void and not in the walls that define it. He was speaking, of course, of spiritual realities. These are the realities also of the Petronas Towers. The power of the void is increased and made more explicit by the pedestrian bridge that … with its supporting structure creates a portal to the sky … a door to the infinite.” César Pelli, architect (1995)

There are many captivating areas located on the base of the towers which are:-

Suria KLCC– Suria means “Sunshine” and KLCC stands for Kuala Lumpur City Centre; one of the premiere shopping centres of Malaysia consisting of 6 floors and it possesses the most fashionable shops like Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Versace etc. The major attractions are Petrosains Discovery Centre, Aquaria, Petronas Philharmonic Theatre and Galleria Petronas.

KLCC Park– A public park situated very close to Suria KLCC. It is a source of greenery to Twin Towers. The greatest allurements is the manmade lake which is Lake Symphony having an area of 10,000 square. Also, there are jogging tracks, playground, ornamental water features and mosque.

Sky Bridge– The best and the most astonishing feature of the twin building is the sky bridge also known as podium that connects the 2 towers at 41st and 42nd floor. It is 558 feet high from the ground, 190 feet in length and has the weight of about 750 tons. In case of emergency and fire, the sky bridge acts as the safest way for the tenants to escape from one tower to another.

Lift System– The lifts are double decker where lower deck takes people to the floors having odd numbers and upper deck takes people to the floors having even numbers. The lifts are extremely safe as they have the special system of evacuating people if the lift gets stuck between the floors.

There is much more to amuse you at the Towers. No doubt Petronas Towers are worth-seeing for which words are insufficient but the building itself speaks of its significance. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit this inspiring place.

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