Your Visit to Osaka!

The modern yet traditional Japan attracts foreigners very easily into its color and vibrancy. With a vast population, Japan is popularly becoming an economically thriving destination. Most tourists prefer Tokyo as their first choice for the taste of the local Sushi or the feel of warm Japanese welcome, but recently Osaka is becoming a part of their visit list too.

That’s because Osaka is an important city to Japan as it produces a GDP that equals the amount of that produced by the world most successful cities like Paris. Osaka is not just about business and economical activities; what really makes the city exciting is its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty and a scintillating nightlife. You can stroll through the famous museums, shrines, temples of the city which are usually loaded with tourists. Amusement parks, local bars and restaurants can serve to be a nice pastime in the city.

Dotonbori River Osaka Japan

Talking about inviting nightlife and entertainment, Dotonbori has to be labeled as the liveliest of them all. The attractive neon lights make the environment of the Dotonbori area all the more inviting. The curvy bridges in this area take you to an amazing sight of Dotonbori River which looks breathtaking from the numerous restaurants and bars located in vicinity. Regular cheap flights to Osaka are available all year around!

Exotic whales, sharks and colorful penguin species invite your children to the Osaka Aquarium which is an attractive destination of the city. Osaka aquarium is the largest in the city and is absolutely dazzling. It`s one place you can really keep on the top of your visit list. It is perfectly suited for family trips.

If you can handle shaking rides high up in the sky and you find the jolts extremely exhilarating, Universal studio Japan is an Amusement park which is a perfect place for you. Here Spiderman ride, ET ride and a visit to Jurassic park would be extremely thrilling. In short, Universal Studio Japan is a place for everyone.

Now we will take you to the historical sites of the city. Osaka Castle which was built as early as the 1583 is a landmark of Osaka. The park around the colonial white building is a perfect place to stretch out a bit for some exercise. Osaka Municipal museum of Fine arts is a proud owner of 8000 works from fine artist from over the world. Art buffs can really get entertained at the spot.

When it comes to shopping in the city Osaka serves to be quite entertaining. Tennoji is a place where you can find accessories at very reasonable prices. Cheap clothes, hand-bangs, shoes and local handicrafts are the main attractions in Tennoji.

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