Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Modern Face

Kuala Lumpur, the cultural hub of Malaysia, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world right now. The city provides an exhibition of the perfect blend between eastern and western architecture, the traditional Malaysian culture and the popular South-East Asian cuisines. It is also famous for shopping purposes, as CNN rightly showed by labelling it as the fourth best shopping city in the world.

Seeing as the city lies in the tropical rainforest area, temperatures don’t vary too much throughout the year so any time of the year is a good time to visit. For any tourists looking to visit this exciting city in the holiday season, they should book themselves cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur and enjoy these best attractions it has to offer.


Berjaya Times Square:

Berjaya Times Square is a large complex that is regarded as the fifth largest building in the world, which isn’t a big surprise seeing as its 48 stories combine to cover an area of 7.5 million square feet. It is the shopaholic’s heaven in the country, with more than 1000 retail stores ranging from international designer brands to local Malaysian outlets. In addition, the food court is home to 65 different outlets, and the 10th floor of the complex is where Malaysia’s first IMAX 2D and 3D theatre was inaugurated.


Islamic Arts Museum:

The Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia was opened in 1998, and it still is the largest museum in Southeast Asia devoted to Islamic arts. Located on the tourist belt of Kuala Lumpur among plenty of greenery, the museum is surrounded by other popular tourist attractions like the Bird Park, National Mosque and the National Planetarium. The museum is host to artefacts from various countries of Asia like Saudi Arabia, China, India and Pakistan.

A total of twelve galleries divide the artefacts on display by their type, not the geographic location they hail from. Popular artefacts include jewellery, small copies of the Holy Quran and a replica of the mosque of Makkah.


Bukit Bintang:

Bukit Bintang is arguably the busiest area of Kuala Lumpur and also a favourite for many shopping enthusiasts. The district consists of one road passing of the same name that is home to many shopping centres, swanky bars, night markets, cafes and hawker-type eateries. The area is full of eateries offering food from various local as well as international cuisines. There is a street that is devoted to just offering Chinese food. For visitors seeking the Kuala Lumpur nightlife, this is the place to be.


Menara KL Tower:

The Menara is a tall tower located in central Kuala Lumpur. The major purpose of the tower is in communication, with an antenna that rises 1300 feet in the sky. The top of the tower also contains a revolving restaurant that offers stunning panoramic views of the city and the skyline. Athletic visitors can participate in the annual race held to determine who reaches the top of the tower from the stairwell, while couch potatoes can go for the elevator.


Petronas Twin Towers:

The major landmark of the city, the one landmark that makes it to the calendar pages and posters are the Petronas Twin Towers. The towers held the record of being the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004, and they are connected by a bridge that lies almost 170 metres in the sky.

It took seven years and a staggering 1.6 billion dollars to build the towers. This is a highly recommended destination for any adrenaline seeking tourist who will love to observe the cityscape from the top of the towers.

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