Enjoy the Spirit of Thai Culture at Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant Festival Thailand

Thailand is a spectacular country and is a perfect holiday destination all year round. Whenever you visit Thailand, you will be able to see flocks of tourists around you enjoying them in a very tourist friendly environment. The natives are so welcoming and warm that they make all tourists feel at home. Hotels, restaurants and resorts mark every spectacular scenic locale of Thailand and you can definitely expect to see some of the most picturesque views ever in this fabulous country. Thailand falls in the tropical zone and so is open and easy for holiday all year round. Be it summers or winters, it is a perfect holiday destination that you can find.

If you plan to visit Thailand in winters, then November is the best month to be there. Surin Elephant Festival is one of the most wonderful events that take place in Thailand on yearly basis. It is held on second weekend of November and goes up to 5 days. Start searching for your flights to Thailand now and be a part of this astounding festival in which you will be able to enjoy so many more colors and attractions of the marvelous Thai Culture.

Surin Elephant Festival contains a range of activities and shows. Elephants are surely the highlight of this mega festival. You will be able to see as many as 300 elephants walking through the streets displaying their arts and skilled activities. There are many elephant shows and you can enjoy elephant rides too.

Local kids and artists prepare several dances and performances to entertain the tourists. You will be able to see many amazing classical dancing and singing performances that are very traditional in their nature. The whole experience is amazing and breathtaking. You will not even realize how your days will fly by be involved in countless wonderful activities.

Surin Elephant Festival takes place in the Southern part of Thailand in the area of Surin. This place is rich in historic sites and old Thai history. Here you will be able to find many old ancient sites, palaces, war museums and much more. The scenic beauty of the area is astounding as well.

Food at Surin Elephant Festival is also delicious. You will be able to find the best of street food and Thai Cuisine along with fast food and other eclectic menus. There are many street shops that sell beautiful souvenirs and handmade crafts that you can take with you as gifts for your loved ones.

Book your cheap flights to Thailand now and set out for the wonderful Surin Elephant Festival. You will love the entire experience and it is nothing less than awe inspiring. Spend some of the most memorable days with your family in the spectacular Thailand this November.

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