Exploring the Untouched Northern Bhutan

Almost all of the places in the world have been explored already, so it seems there is nothing unique left in this planet. But there are a few places that were barred from entry of foreign tourist for centuries. For example the South East Asian countries like Cambodia that were hidden under the iron curtain during the cold war era and only opened in the 90’s for the tourists of the world that have started to flock its tourist destinations. But if you are looking for a place that has only been seen by a few lucky tourists, then head to northern Bhutan where the government has just recently allowed the foreign tourist to enter.

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These unspoiled foothills of Himalaya are truly a paradise with its stunning geography, exotic fauna and mysterious culture of the locals living in its mountain towns. The place is shrouded in mystery as it is one place of the world where you will find a community living according to the same lifestyle that it use to do a thousand years ago. With the allowance provided to the foreign tourist and the high influx of them, it’s any body’s guess when this all will change and it will become another of the world’s tourist destinations with luxurious resorts and hotels and in turn lose its natural goodness.

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As for getting there the only airport of the country is in Thimphu the capital of the Bhutan and that has only connections with the Indian airports like New Delhi. You can find a from most of the major airports of the world and can easily get a connecting flight to Thimphu.

Thimphu Bhutan

Another way for entering the area is through the border crossing with India at Samdrup Angkhor that takes you directly to the villages of Merak Sektan. After arriving in the area you will first have to register with the local authorities and pay a hefty fee for the time you spend here. One thing that you will notice during your time in the Merak Sektan is just how less the locals care about the presence of foreign tourists. If you have ever travelled to other Asian countries you must have an experience of being surrounded by the local children and even some adults trying to make acquaintance with you or some locals trying to set up a fake cultural performance for you, well this will not be the case in Bhutan as the locals pay little attention to the foreign tourists. The reason behind this is the sense of preservation of their culture that they have and also the pride in their customs. But it doesn’t mean they are not friendly; don’t hesitate before asking for help if you ever need it.

One of the most favorite activities of the tourists in the northern Bhutan is trekking, there are a number of tracks in the Himalayan Mountains in the vicinity and once registered with the local tourism board you will be tagged along with a group of trekkers heading to the mountains. Another attraction is the wildlife of the Sektan Wild Life Sanctuary that includes the legendary yeti, which is in fact Langur a specie of the Giant Himalayan monkeys.

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