A Great City Tokyo

Tokyo is full of life 24 hours a day it is best place for families due to various themes and amusement parks, galleries, shrines, temples and museums, your children will not want to come back once they experience the charm of park such as Disney resorts and so on where you enjoyment never stop for a min in whole night.

It is most famous place for newest innovation and world’s focused points in term of electronic productions. Virgin Atlantic the UK’s leading airline offers its daily non-stop flight with starting price of £249 exclusive of taxes.

We suggest you to book your flights to Tokyo now as early you book more cheaply you get but still you have time frame starting from 29th Jul – 6th Aug 2011. Flights are commencing under these fares from 1st Oct – 29th Feb 2012. Cheapest fares must be purchased at least 7 days before departure as earlier we mentioned it contains load of attractions for a complete family so don’t forget to take your children with you for this reason airline is offering discounts on children and infants ticket.

Domestic add-on flights are available from all UK airports with conjunction of Flybe and British Midland International Airways.

This Gala is available for limited time so pick up your phones and call us now to reserve your seats.

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