A Hong Kong businesswoman is feared missing in Philippines

A Hong Kong businesswoman is feared missing after she failed to come home from her trip to the Philippines.According to the South China Morning Post, Carole Day was last seen by her Philippine business partner, Tschai Ma, on September 12 in the Makati business district.

The former long-distance runner and model was supposed to go to Cebu then fly to Thailand before returning to Manila for her trip back to Hong Kong.The report said the flights have been booked ahead. She was supposed to return to Hong Kong on September 15.

Day is the widow of District Court Judge Richard Day. She has been living in Hong Kong for 22 years now.Day was on a trip to Manila to look for decorative items for a local hotel through her company, Ginger Lily.

On Wednesday, Day’s son, Jai, arrived in Manila to search for her. Jai, an actor based in Los Angeles, said his mother was not on the manifest of 2 main airlines that fly to Cebu.

The report also quoted Jai as saying that he was told by immigration that his mother never left the Philippines.

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