Air Astana will fly to Abu Dhabi, the Capital of UAE

Air Astana have been refused permission to launch flights to Dubai, by the Dubai Aviation Authorities UAE. The airline’s plan to launch flights between Kazakhstan and Dubai for upcoming winter season, due to start from October 31st, 2010 has been rejected. However the same has been now replaced with Air Astana flights to Abu Dhabi, that will be replacing its expected Dubai route.

Air Astana flights to the capital of UAE will be operated on daily basis from Almaty and four times a week from Astana Airline. The airline has specified that flights to Abu Dhabi will be operated on Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, while the timings will remain same as announced for flights to Dubai earlier. Astana will be operating flights to Abu Dhabi, ( instead of Flights to Dubai) starting October 31st, 2010.

Abu Dhabi International Airport serves 39 Airlines offering connections to over 120 destinations worldwide. Abu Dhabi is a massive airport with capacity to serve 12 million passengers per year. The airport authorities have also announced a possible extension of Abu Dhabi airport to about 20 million passengers by 2015. The airport welcomed 9.7 million passengers in 2009 and today, holds a strong reputation as one of the fastest growing airports in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi Airport is laced with all amenities of any modern day airport and offers facilities including efficient boarding and disembarkation procedures, duty free shops, transit hotel, shower facilities, free Wi-Fi and entertainment options.

At the moment, the airline has also announced to facilitate the passengers through a shuttle service / conveyance between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The expected travel time from Abu Dhabi Airport to the center of Dubai is 1 hour, which makes it more realistic and acceptable for any travelers flying from international destinations to land in Abu Dhabi and use the Airline’s transport service to continue journey.

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