Airbus A 380 to Fly from USA to Asia

Good News for travellers planning to take flights to USA or Asia as Korean Airlines will be flying its very first Airbus A 380 air craft on a flight from USA to Asia. The airline is the first to win the race, among various five star alliance and top ranked carriers who had their eyes on the Air Bus A 380. This new craft has been gripping attention from worldwide media and already has attained a highest rank in the world of travel by dint of its extraordinary features, operation qualities, smoothness and a whole new level of comfort and convenience.

Also, Korean Air has ordered about four such highly reputed and technologically, most advance crafts. The first, out of the four A380 air craft is said to be in its final stages of production and currently at the Airbus headquarters located in Toulouse France. The delivery of this new addition to the Korean Airlines’ fleet is likely to occur in May 2011 that will be followed by others.

Among all of the Asian airlines, Korean Air is the very first to have this utterly modern air craft to be used on its transatlantic routes, the first flight planned to leave from USA to Asia.

The new Airbus A380 will be a double-decker airplane and outfitted with between 400 and 450 seats, making it the most spacious A380 anywhere in the world. There are already hundreds of travelers hoping to be the first, to board this genius invention in May, 2011.

At this auspicious success, Mr. John Jackson, Marketing Director for Korean Air’s Americas stated:

The reduced seating layout will expand cabin space and provide customers with a truly luxurious air travel experience. We are designing the cabin to promote relaxing air travel, and will incorporate some unique features to be revealed later.

Korean has already been a popular airline and a ‘favorite’ for many, however with this new addition in their fleet Korean Airline has raised as a head turner.

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