Beijing; The City of Rising Tourism

The Imperial Palace Beijing China

If you are planning to see or visit some place which is  colossal and successful in every aspect and if you want to explore a whole new world of unique culture and the height of perfection then yes you are absolutely right  “Beijing” is precisely the  word you should be typing on your key board. Beijing is always the foremost choice of the voyagers who are willing to know a customary and urbanized city. It is the capital of the most populous and developed country of the world, The People’s Republic of China. It has an exclusive ranking among the ancient cities of the world with several majestic buildings and diverse civilization. On the other hand this oriental city offered her best fashion charm to the world as the host of the Olympics 2008. There are countless attractions and excitements waiting for you in Beijing. So get your cheap flight right now.

Forbidden City:  

The glorious Forbidden City is the biggest and top- preserved imperial palace and complex in the world, it is also known as the Palace Museum. It has 9,999 rooms in affluent era with merely a single room without a number representing the Chinese belief of “Divine Perfection”.

It is also called Purple Forbidden city. As it was emperor’s residence and in ancient times emperors have Ultimate powers so this was definitely a forbidden place and purple was basically the symbolic color of the North Star which was at that time assumed to be the center of the universe.

The Great Wall of China:

Great Wall of China, one of eight wonders of the world. This was basically built to stop intruders and to keep the residents safe. This wall is extended up to 8850 kilometers. Though it was built 2000 thousand years ago but still it is one of the most intriguing attraction due its architectural magnificence and historical importance. As there is a myth that the Great Wall of China is also visible from the moon.

Great Wall of China

Temple of Heaven;

Owing religion only to the supreme power, Beijing was one the center of religious life with numerous stunning temples. The Heaven temple is the grandest trendy architecture in the world, dedicated to rituals also known as the master piece by the Chinese of that time. The Temple of Heaven was originally the area where the ruler used to reward homage to the glory of heaven. There are a lot of other temples in Beijing like Altar of Earth, Big Bell Temple, Yunju Temple, White Dogoba Temple and a lot more with their own history and significance. You can visit all these temples, just click cheap tickets.

 Natural Beauties:

For serene and remarkable stroll do visit the relaxing parks of Beijing situated at the back of Forbidden City with different and interesting features. If you want to have an over view of the whole Beijing city then Jingshah Park is the place to be which is also a royal garden in old times. Red leaves spread on miles like carpets, The Fragrant Hill Park have the most stunning maple leaves in each autumn. Taoranting Parks is a fantastic mix of Chinese ancient and modern architect talent. The Stone Flower Cave is also a wonderful park of Beijing. Other than these there are a lot more worth seeing natural beauties in Beijing including; Beijing Botanical Garden, Chaoyang Park, Yuyuantan Park and Xishan National Forest Park. So book a flight to this Historical and spiritual destination for an adventures and thrilling trip to a separate world of meditation and fun together right now with cheap air fares as per your pocket and mood.

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