Be a Part of the Grand Green Film Festival at Seoul

Try something different this vacation and add your hand in making this world a better place to live for everyone by ensuring your attendance of Green Film Festival in Seoul this May. Book your now with your friends and family and be a part of this amazing film festival. Your vacation will be truly awe inspiring as you will be able to attend the wonderful summer in the beautiful city of Seoul, and along with that you will be able to attend the wonderful 9th Annual Green Film Festival.

Green Film Festival is an initiative to promote the importance of environmental preservation and conservation.

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This year will mark the 9th Green Film Festival. Green Film Festival used the platform of cinema to spread awareness about environmental issues. Every year this festival gained more popularity, participation and attendance due to the brilliant cause and best quality films that it played on its platform.

Green Film Festival Seoul 2013

This year the Green Film Festival received more than 720 films out of which best of films were selected through a panel of jury. The shortlisted films will be played through the festival and the final prizes will be announced for the winning film makers ranging from 1 million to 10 million South Korean Won. The final results are decided with the help of jury, judges, filmmakers and audience feedback.

As you take your cheap flights from UK to South Korea to attend Green Film Festival rest assure that a super classy vacation is coming your way. You can spend your days sightseeing the beautiful city of Seoul. You can visit many of the historical places that the city keeps. You can also go to amazing parks and stunning gardens of Seoul. Shopping in Seoul also sees no parallel and you can buy back bags and bags of great quality stuff at very reasonable rates. Food in Seoul is also very affordable and you will love the continental cuisine of this city. You must also try sea food as it is the specialty. With all these fun filled activities you can add countless colors to your vacation and make your holiday nothing less than ideal.

In the evenings after getting some rest you can dress up in your formals and be a part of the Green Film Festival where you can relax in the comfort of perfect and cozy cinemas to enjoy best of the films from around the globe enriching your mind with a brilliant cause and the different perspective with respect to the countries. You will love meeting people from around the world who come to see this wonderful film festival so you are provided with a great opportunity to socialize and make friends from different countries and cultures. The entire experience is totally splendid and unique.

To be a part of this fascinating Green Film Festival, book your now and fly to the wonderful city of Seoul to enjoy mesmerizing and carefully selected films. Your vacation will be no less than a brilliant one. You will not only enjoy your time but also will contribute to a cause far more noble.

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