Emirates Airlines offering Inflight Iftar service during Ramadan

Emirates Airlines inflight service has developed a special offering for passengers observing Ramadan. For flights departing close to Iftar, Emirates will provide small snack boxes at the boarding gates of Emirates Terminal 3. The snack boxes, containing vegetable calzone, Namoura dessert, dates, water and a laban drink, will serve as a quick snack so that passengers can break their fast immediately.

Passengers who are inflight when the sun sets will be informed of the Iftar time by the captain. Iftar will be determined based on where the aircraft is located at the time the sun goes down.

Large Iftar meal boxes will be served to fasting passengers inflight and will comprise an array of traditional Arabic dishes including Hummus with crudités, mini Arabic bread, traditional chicken shawarma, pistachio Baklava, dates, banana, laban drink, calzone, dried apricots and prunes, and roasted almonds. The meal box, designed by Emirates’ chefs, will be served in Economy class, with a similar selection of foods served to fasting passengers in both Business and First Class.

“While we take pride in our cultural diversity, Emirates’ foundation is rooted in Islamic culture, and we are committed to ensuring that our Muslim passengers are well looked after during the holy month of Ramadan,” said Robin Padgett, Emirates’ Vice President Aircraft Catering. “Ramadan is an important part of the Islamic calendar and Emirates is pleased to be able to support our Muslim passengers as they undertake their religious obligations. Our non-fasting passengers will continue to enjoy the world-class meals Emirates is globally known for.”

Non-fasting passengers travelling on Umrah and flights to Jeddah will receive a cold meal instead of the regular hot meal for all flights taking off after sunrise and before sunset, in respect to the many Muslim passengers completing Umrah on these flights.

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