Emirates Flies To Tokyo – A Not To Miss Destination

September 24, 2010 – Emirates proudly offers flights to Tokyo five days a week. These cheap flights to Tokyo are available for travelers flying from anywhere in UK. Here, let’s remember that Emirates widely covers major airports in UK and offers flights from Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham and New Castle. The flight schedule of Emirates flights to Narita International Airport Tokyo fly five days a week, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from London to Narita Tokyo. While the Return flights from Tokyo to London, depart on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well. The flight code EK, for this particular route may carry flight numbers EK319 and EK318. The five times week, flight of Emirates will arrive in Tokyo at Narita International airport at 18:00 hours while the take off from Dubai International Airport is expected to be at 03:15 am. On the way back from Narita Airport the flight will take off at 21:40 and land in Dubai at 03:30 am. From that point connection to Europe, Australia and UK flights can be booked.

Apart from attracting a large number of Business travelers, Emirates flights to Tokyo are a good value for money for those seeking a cheap flight fare to Japan. Also there is plenty to see and do in Japan as a tourism destination such as discovering the Imperial City, home to Japan’s Imperial family and over 30 million other inhabitants. In Tokyo, the experience of true Japanese Culture, Tokyo Hotels and food is purely amazing. The multi-purpose sky scrapers add to the beauty of this ‘on the motion’ city. Tokyo is home and hub of exquisite dining, incredible entertainment, great shopping from floor to floor of multi story buildings and then a spectacular rooftop full size football field is truly dazzling.

Other than that the Tokyo is famed for technological wonders, electronics and hot spring resorts of  Hakone, the temples of Kamakura or the grace. Not to forget, the ultimate Japanese hospitality.

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