Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre to get $300m

The Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre will get a S$300 million systems upgrade by 2012.This will allow Singapore to manage the increasing air traffic volume efficiently.The Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre handles some 1,000 flight movements daily including flights over Singapore airspace.Victor Tan, Chief, Singapore Air Traffic Control Centre, said: “Controllers from the tower they will manage and control traffic within the vicinity of the airport.”That includes the aircraft manoeuvring area, where aircraft are being pushed back, taxi, take off and land. Whereas controllers in the air traffic control centre, they manage and control air traffic within a larger volume of airspace.

“Within this airspace, flights that come out of  Singapore airports, for example Changi, Seletar, Paya Lebar, even Batam and Tanjung Pinang or Johor, are being controlled by controllers here.”In this hushed environment, controllers take charge of an airspace 1,000 times the size of Singapore – stretching across the South China Sea.

With air travel continuing to gain popularity, the Control Centre is due for an upgrade to its latest radar system known as LORADS (Long Range Radar and Display System) III.The last major upgrade to LORADS II was in 1996.When upgraded to LORADS III, air traffic controllers will be able to handle more traffic safely. It will also improve the efficiency of operations, which translates into savings in both time and fuel.

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