Korean on the road to success – highest profits recorded in third Quarter 2010

Korea is emerging as a new and happening tourism destination; there are more travellers and increased flights to Seoul each year. The progress is paying off immensely for the country’s national carrier, Korean Airways as the airline recently announced its Q3 profits are 2.6 times higher than the figure for July to September 2009.

Korean airline has its hub in the country’s capital city, Seoul and is a prominent airline for direct and cheap flights to Korea from the Europe, America and neighboring Asian destinations. Seoul also serves as gateway to other popular beach destinations only a ferry ride away.

The airline announced an operating profit of KRW 358.1 billion ($316.5 million) during the third quarter of 2010, that is 2.6 times higher than July to September 2009. Not only that but it is the largest operating profit in Korean Air’s 48-year history. This rapid growth in the airline’s profits is said to be majorly by dint of an increase in passenger numbers. Also, South Korea has gained more positive reputation as a safe and beautiful country, with a unique culture and cuisine that is making its way in the West, despite the dominated Thai and Chinese foods. Thirdly, the world economy is finally recovering and new trends are more encourage. Travelers prefer to go off the beaten path and countries that are new to the west.

The airline declared that outbound traffic from South Korea went up by 23% year-on-year, while overseas and transit passengers increased by 8%. It further stated, seeing “an encouraging rebound in the aviation industry going ahead”.

Korean Airline is already reckoned among top airlines and is also a member of “Sky team”.  It flies to 39 countries worldwide and operated flights to and from 118 cities. Currently, Korean Airline has a strong fleet of 130 aircrafts while an order for five A380 is placed as well.

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