London To Brisbane With Korean Airlines

Standing at the door of 2011, there is a lot of predictions and forecasts about the future of the world, politics, global economy and the changing trends in Tourism.

2010 brought two things in lime light; one is Seoul as a new holiday destination in Asia and second is the flagship carrier or Korea, Korean Air. Korean Air has made its place in the international aviation industry within no time. Korea has evolved as a new, hot and happening beach destination. Despite the ongoing tensions between North and South Korea, the country saw a tourist boom in 2010 whereas; the national airline offered a bunch of new routes and also increased flight frequencies to far off destinations.


One notable destination of Korean Airline is Australia. The carrier offers cheap flights to Australia and also, its high standard and quality service promises a comfortable long flight. In the coming year 2011, it’s the one airline to expect great things from. At present, Korean air’s most prominent route is Brisbane, Australia’s top visited destination.

Korean air presently offers flights to Brisbane from 543 GBP excl. taxes and therefore, holds top position as the cheapest flight to Australia. The airline’s route is London Heathrow to Seoul and Seoul to Brisbane. Korean air has a short stopover in Seoul. It uses 3 digit flight numbers for flights to Brisbane such as KE 908 and KE123. The departure timings (as at present) are leaving from London Heathrow at 20:05 and arriving in Brisbane at 06:20 am after stopping over in Seoul, South Korea for a couple of hours. *The airline takes about two days time including time differences.

Korean Air also offers cheap flights to Sydney and is the one rising airline to look for on the Oceana route.

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