More In-flight meals by Thai airways for flights to Japan

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is further enhancing the quality of its in-flight meals to elevate THAI’s internationally renowned cuisine to even greater heights. THAI recently appointed Assistant Professor Srisamorn Kongpun and Chef Philippe Peretti, both acclaimed chefs and renowned expert on authentic Thai and Western cuisine, to consult on THAI’s in-flight dishes on the Narita and Osaka routes. The appointment of Assistant Professor Srisamorn Kongpun and Chef Philippe Peretti underscores THAI’s commitment to serving the very finest cuisine on THAI flights, even before passengers arrive in Thailand, by whetting their appetites with authentic Thai dishes as well as Western food – using traditional recipes, finest ingredients and techniques.

THAI is organizing a number of culinary workshops around the world with our caterers to further develop and refine our meals, especially Thai meals, in the current in-flight menu.

THAI’s appointed consultants, with unique knowledge of Western and authentic Thai culinary techniques and flavors, will help our caterers worldwide to enrich the tastes and improve meal presentations, allowing passengers to enjoy a true taste of Thailand when traveling to or from THAI’s 69 destinations worldwide.

According to Mr. Sathok Varasarin, THAI Vice President of the In-flight Services Department, “We are very pleased to be working very closely with our consultant chefs and overseas caterers on improving THAI’s onboard meals. THAI places our passengers’ satisfaction and health as our first priorities for meal selection and in production. The culinary workshops will further enhance our in-flight meals, allowing the taste and meal presentations to be of greater consistency from kitchens around the world.”

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