New Airbus A380 Ordered by Asiana Airline

The Rolls Royce’s Airbus A380 is back in business. Alongside the many new orders of this Jumbo Aircraft, the low cost Airline Asiana has recently placed order for six new Airbus A380 aircrafts.

The Rolls Royce manufactured Airbus A380 has made headlines last year when a Qantas flight to Sydney experienced some engine related problems while in the air. However, after much inspection and removal of the defected parts, the entire Airbus A380 fleet was returned to air by Qantas Airline.


The new and growing orders of Airbus A380 also indicate that the Airbus A380 is still holding the trust of not only the carriers but also the travelers. The increase in Asiana Airline fleet will enable the carrier to compete in the challenging market and also, meet up with the ever raised demands of the travel world.

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