Passengers Moved Away From Terminal 2E At CDG Due To Snow

Yesterday, the busiest airport in France, Charles de Gaulle which is also the hub of the national carrier Air France faced yet another challenge by bad weather. Terminal number 2E at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport was reportedly evacuated as the terminal’s roof was covered by about two feet snow.

According to Agence France-Presse reports that people remained calm during the evacuation of Terminal 2E, described as a precautionary measure taken because of around 60 centimeters (two feet) of accumulated snow on the roof. Reports also indicate that at the time of evacuation, around 2,000 travelers were present at the airport on Friday.


After the evacuation, emergency workers were deployed to clear the roof until around 1400 GMT. However, the airport authorities deny evacuations of the Paris airports and have stated it as only ‘moving’ the travelers to other spots. The authorities denied if there had been an evacuation, declining to say how many people were involved..

Bernard Cathelin, the deputy head of airport authority ADP, said:

“We simply asked passengers to move away from the area above which the accumulation of snow is,”

Paris Airport also has a history of unpleasant incident where, according to AFP, a few weeks after the terminal was opened in 2004, a section of the roof of the architecturally ambitious building designed by Frenchman Paul Andreu collapsed, killing four foreign travelers and injuring six others.

On an average, Europe failed to coop with the challenging weather and thousands have spent their Christmas stranded at frozen European airports.

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