Press Release: “Travel House UK” celebrates partnership with “Crystal Travel”

October 13, 2010 Travel House UK is proud to announce its association with one of UK’s top most consolidators “Crystal Travel”. The merger has been planned and carried out to meet the ‘up and rising’ Travel House cliental and business requirements.

Travel House UK started off as a UK based company registered almost a decade ago under trading authority Flight Vision Limited. However, the continued and high paced progress of Travel House UK from a nascent travel agency into a revolutionary Flights, Hotel, Holiday and Travel Services Provider required not only improvements in human resources but also, the operating system and business partnerships. Unfortunately, the former Trading Authority and Agency, “Flight Vision Limited” failed to catch up with Travel House UK business expansions, developments and high volume of cliental resulting in a need for more experienced, professional and competitive travel partner to match the standards. It has been officially declared that Travel House will no longer be directly or indirectly accountable for Flight Vision actions, business or services and from now on it will be dealing under the banner of an even bigger, professional and more reliable name of travel world ‘Crystal Travel’.

This new partnership between Crystal Travel and Travel House UK, has brought the standards of quality service to a whole new level. The good news is, Travel House UK clients will be immensely benefited and will be able to get more consolidated, promotional and cheap flight fares coupled with excellent and swift services. The partnership is most likely to generate more airlines, hoteliers and accommodation contracts, in other words expanding the product range for our valued customers.

Conclusively, it can be stated that whether it’s the quality of services, the prices, fares or packages or the range of products and services available, the relationship between Crystal Travel and Travel House UK scores a ten.

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