Sri Lankan Airline expects seven New Air craft’s delivery in 2011

18 Oct, 2010, Monday – Sri Lankan Airlines expects the delivery of seven new aircraft by end of 2011.  This move may prove right and help the airline to boost sales as there have been no brand new arrivals in the airline’s fleet for almost the whole past decade. The seven new aircrafts expected to arrive by end of year 2011, include five Airbus A320’s, including three brand new aircraft, and two Twin Otter float planes. Sri Lankan’s CEO Manoj Gunawardena stated at this occasion:

“We will be celebrating an important new chapter in the history of Sri Lankan Airlines with the arrival of this large number of aircraft within a short period,”

Sri Lanka retains one of the world’s most wonderfully preserved forests, waterfalls and natural attractions of interest. The country, has also gained a positive reputation as a peaceful tourist spot. It can be stated that by 2011, if there be any additional flights to Colombo from Western Europe, cheap flight fares, new routes launch or overall improvement in standard of airline services by dint of this new addition in the country’s national carrier “Sri Lankan” Airways will prove a good step to boost tourism in the region.

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