Thai Airways Future Collaboration with Tiger Airways – A Perfect Formula for Cheap Flights to Thailand

Thai Airways International (THAI) has proposed a new strategy called the “TG 100 Strategy”. According to which Thai will become a sustainable airline by emphasizing its leadership in domestic aviation business, as well as assuring passenger services with future collaboration with Tiger Airways. Thai and Tiger merger to form “Thai Tiger Airways” is aimed at targeting  the ultra low-cost market, a much needed move in the current Thai tourism scenario.

The President of Thai Airways International, Mr. Piyasvasti Amranand in his address emphasized their focus on “Core Value and Vision of THAI: Excellence in Services” yesterday at the international conference celebrating THAI’s 50th anniversary.

Thai has seen a swift and steady growth over the past 50 years and today, the well calculated and timely steps such as the recent collaboration with Tiger Airways will prove worthwhile for the future of Thai Airways in rising as a strong and sustainable airline. The collaboration between the two airlines is also a part of the “TG100 strategic plan”, which covers areas such as maintaining its leadership role in the aviation industry in Thailand and enhancing passenger confidence through improved services.

At the 50th anniversary, it was also declared that THAI has come out of the world economic crisis and financial problems of 2008 successfully, unlike many other airlines of the similar stature that are caught in huge debts and fear of bankruptcy. Another important part of this TG 100 Strategic plan includes purchasing new and better aircraft to expand Thai Air fleet. The  positive investor confidence, good risk management planning and effective cost cutting will no doubt, make this carrier a promising and reliable airline looking up to the success that knows no boundaries.

The current political situation in Thailand capital city has caused a decrease in travel and Flights to Bangkok. Also, according to reports published by Chinese travel and Tourism ministry, more travelers are opting to get direct Flights to Phuket instead of Bangkok. This also, proves to be a clear cause for THAI to cooperate with Tiger Airways in launching a new commercial airline “Thai Tiger” aimed at catering to travelers with low-travel budget.

Thai also plans to be one of the very few, environmental friendly “Travel Green” airline.

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