The colors of Seoul will now shine in the largest tourism association

South Korea’s capital city, Seoul is the country icon and a vibrant city where tourism is increasing in leaps and bonds. Only to facilitate it further, Seoul has recently won the bid and will be hosting the largest tourism Association.

The 73rd SKAL International Congress, known as “SKAL 2010” is said to take place in Seoul South Korea. The SKAL 2010 took place in Sydney, Australia during October 7 to 13th and attracted journalists, media personals and business man to the country. Organization of such events and meetings is very important for the future progress of a country, as they are likely to attract not only travelers and media but a lot of lime light, attention and free popularity of the destination. Besides, on the merits at which any destination is chosen to be a ‘host’ for this prestigious event, adds to the points of the selected destination and may count lately during International Travel Awards.

The city of Seoul will be hosting the 73rd SKAL International Congress. SKAL is a professional organization of global tourism leaders and the only one to unite all branches of the travel and tourism industry. The significance of the event is beyond measure at the moment, as we can already see that tourism in Australia is on the rise. However, we cannot blame SKAL 2010, for it alone as Australian Government invested a lot in its Tourism Industry that is finally paying off.

SKAL is an annual meeting, only this year SKAL attracted about 550 participants from more than 50 countries worldwide, who gathered to attend it in Sydney. The selection of the ‘nest’ SKAL host was made on October 09, 2010 in a session of the general assembly. TH competitors for the spot were South Korea and Ire Land.  Both the countries gave a brief presentation prior to the final vote. Ire land, gave a touch competition before losing it to Seoul South Korea. In the balloting by the 215 delegates present, Korea won by a 138 to 77 margin, success with a star. Though in May 2009 “the Asia Congress” which is comparatively smaller SKAL gathering, took place in Incheon but this is the first time ever for Korea to be selected as Host for a “full international SKAL congress”.

Seoul is immensely popular for the varying colors and stunning landscape of Korea, specially Autumn in South Korea has been appreciates by Photographers and Travel Journalists from round the world. There is already an expanding tourism industry in the country, a booming economy that is attracting more cheap flights to Seoul, each year. The country also holds significant reputation for the flavorsome foods and delightful cuisines, such as the Korean style of Sushi and noodle soup gaining more popularity among tourists. Also, Korea is promising beach destination and considered a much safer country for Western Travelers nowadays.

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