The Glory of The Sensational Ullu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park Canopy Walkway Brunei

Brunei, the beautiful nation of peace, tranquility and serenity is undoubtedly a divine tourist destination. It’ that sort of place which instantly relieves you of all your worries and tensions and invites you to spend some quality time with family and friends amidst the wonders of nature and the allures of a rich culture and traditions. If an enriching experience is what you’re looking for then look no more for it simply doesn’t get any better than Brunei itself.

The majestic royal heritage and the arts and crafts of this nation are a treat to all your senses and are made even better by the soothing ambiance that surrounds this abode of might and glory. It is due to all these reasons that we are proud to offer cheap airline tickets from the UK to the ravishing state of Brunei for a trip that will build you mountains of memories and give to you an opportunity to recall a bundle of adventures and tales.

Amidst a variety of never ending attractions in Brunei, perhaps the best one is its first and national park called the ‘Ullu Temburong National Park’. Now this magical attraction is nothing less than a landmark and invites visitors with great warmth and hospitality only to show them the sweet wonders of nature itself. Spread out over an area of 550 kilometers on the Temburong Forest, this ravishing park offers a great insight onto the unspoiled natural heritage that Brunei is all about.

The abundance of rain forest trees and the soothing breeze that they attract makes the experience simply divine. The brisk air is guaranteed to calm your senses and the refreshing environment makes every breath cleanse you and brighten your senses. Just being here is nothing less than a treatment at the spa as by the end of it you are sure to feel rejuvenated, re energized and happily alive. This untouched and completely divine rain forest provides you with an excellent opportunity to experience nature at its very best and enjoy every second of it, as we all wish to.

Another extremely fascinating thing about this exquisite national park is the very fact that it’s only accessible by boat and water taxis seem like a good option for the tourists as well as the locals. The way to the Ullu Temburong National Park is also glorious as you get to see the gigantic lush green trees surrounding the blue waters and live to experience everything that will make your journey worthwhile.

Moreover, the park give you an opportunity to have a panoramic bird’s-eye view of the rain forest through its spectacular ‘Canopy Walkway’ which is a an enormous steel structure that stands erected 50 meters from the forest floor and neighbors the tall trees. One can easily view the wonders and landmarks of the entire place by standing here and the view is guaranteed to be nothing less than simply breathtaking.

This forest is also an ideal place for those who love to explore nature and its animals. Known to be home to pit vipers and many species of lizards and frogs, some might find this to be a rather scary place. However those who love adventure and thrill will fall in love with it and immensely enjoy their journey. There are also beautifully intricate butterflies that one might find in abundance here and the ambiance is delicious!

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