Don’t be Frightened of the Rains, Enjoy Them

Most of us try to avoid travelling to South East Asia during its rainy season; of course a heavy rainfall can ruin your vacation. It’s not like if its rains there for the whole of the three months of the season but yes in most places you will have quite a lot of rains especially in the afternoon.

 But there is a bright side to travelling in this season as well; I have listed a few of the advantages of travelling in the rains to the South East Asia:

1.    Lower Prices:

Yes, with less tourist traffic in the countries of the region the prices in the hotels, parks and other attractions fall rapidly. It is the rainy season in which you will find the cheapest accommodation, transport and entertainment in the region. As it is a low season for the airlines flying to the area as well so you will easily be able to find cheap flights to Asia.

2.    Lower Temperature:

Hot sun may be the reason for your travel to the continent, but it gets unbearably hot in the summers of Asia. You may not be able to enjoy your trip properly because of all the sweating and the melting sunlight, but the rains bring a substantial drop in the temperature in Asia and the cool breeze blowing through the cities and the forests provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore the places properly. Don’t worry you will get your Hot Asian sun now and then.

3.    A Perfect Escape:

You have travelled half a world away to a foreign country that means you are looking for an escape right? But living in a hotel flocked by the foreign tourists and streets filled with them you will not be able to get that escape. Then comes the rain and everybody starts packing their stuff and get a flight out of there, now you can have your perfect escape.

4.    Lush Green Tropic:

The dream of seeing the lush green tropical rain forests really comes true in the wet season of Asia. With the rains washing off all the dirt and the vegetation coming to life you will get the most stunning view of the forests of Asia.

So do not change your plans for travelling to the South East Asia just because of the wet season, in fact it is a reason in itself to plan a vacation in the area. Check with us for cheap flights to South East Asia and have a memorable time in the region

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