Shopping at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

The exotic capital of Thailand is a paradise for travellers around the globe looking for an escape from their daily life. Its bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping malls make thousands of visitors take direct flights to Bangkok each year. Whether you are there for partying, relaxing on the white sandy beaches close to the city or for visiting its stunning temples, you need to shop right? And there is no better place for shopping in the city than the Chatuchak Market in the city center.

It’s a perfect example of a bustling Asian market that is teeming with traders and buyers. Spanning on an area of more than 35 acres, it gets more than 200,000 visitors every day and numbers increases on the weekends. You may find it a little chaotic but if you know your way around it than this may be the most enjoyable day of your stay in Bangkok. There are three simple tips for having a wonderful shopping experience in the Chatuchak Market.

Know What You Are Looking For:

The market is huge with 27 sections coded in different colors, a stroll around them can be a great experience but if the main reason for your tour to the market is shopping then you should make up your mind about what you need and then head to the sections that are selling those items. For example if you are looking for garments then section 5 and 6 are your target in the market. If you are looking for some antiques and artifacts then head to 22 and 24.

Learn to Bargain:

Bargaining is a part of daily life in the markets of Asia and Chatuchak is no exception, so do not consider the price quoted to you by the seller as the final one and try to bargain. As it is norm of the market so it will be expected of you, and as is the case in the rest of the world the foreign tourists are always quoted a price higher than usual, so always try to bargain for a lower price and if you be a little assertive you will be surprised to know just how much extra the seller was trying to charge you.

Don’t Over Think About Buying Something: 

The market will be full of buyers, so if you absolutely love something in a shop then don’t make the mistake of thinking about buying it later on and moving to other shops. There is a fair bit of chance that thing you loved will be gone by the time you return to the shop. The reason for leaving a beloved item behind can be that you are short on cash and you want to get some money out of an ATM first. But there are only a few ATM’s in the market and you will find long queues of visitors waiting for their turn to withdraw the money. So a better idea will be to keep a good amount of cash on you at all times so that you don’t miss out on the things that you want to buy.

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